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Bikini Figure and Fitness
BikiniFigureandFitnes.com is an example of our ability to construct a social netowking web site that is well designed and fully functioncial. It show cases our abiltiy to handle a large amount of content, users and large databases.

www.bikinifigureandfitness.com is one example of a site that LanticNet Internet Solutions owns and operates.

LanticNet Internet Solutions plans on release several new web sites so keep checking this page, stay tuned in.

Pro Realty Associates

LanticNet Internet Solutions was building web sites for over 12 years. www.prorealityli.com was created by us back in 2002. We kept the example this site in our list of work even though the company was purchased by Century21. Our Real Estate design is an example of how a website shows how you can enhance your marketing strategy, offer interactive customer support and handle large databases.


Our proprietary software allows the agents to edit and customize their website as they see fit. 

Also, daily business tasks are automated online to create a more productive business atmosphere.

Having their listings online, allows Pro Realty's customers to see all available homes or check the status of their sale, from the convenience of their own home.